Tatry Wellness Elixir

Brand new – an innovative concept for relaxation and health – a combination of Tatra spa tradition, healing effects of untouched mountain nature and modern wellness care – only in our hotels operated by Tatry Mountain Resorts.

Treat yourself to an elixir of health and relaxation and discover the harmony of your soul. Enjoy the innovative concept of the Tatry Wellness Elixir, which combines the Tatra spa tradition, healing effects of untouched mountain nature and modern wellness care. This unique concept is available only in our hotels operated by Tatry mountain resorts.

Harmony of soul in the Tri Studničky hotel

Forget all tension and stress. Let our wellness treatments relax all your body and recharge you with new energy for a long time. Our hotel offers:

  • bio-pedicure with Garra Rufa fish
  • Tatra wood massage
  • Zen massage Tri Studničky.

Tatry Wellness Elixir is not only about massages and body treatments:

  • A unique herbal pillow with lemon balm, lavender and wild thyme guarantees flawless relaxation and good sleep.
  • A sip of water with precious stones refreshes you when you need.
  • A special tea mixture – the Harmony of Soul offers a genuine taste of herbs.

Opening hours

03:00pm – 09:00pm every day

Information and reservations

+421 44 547 8000-2


The hotel reserves the right to change the opening times. For latest information, please contact the hotel reception on +421 44 547 8000-2 or write an email to info@tristudnicky.sk.

Take the power of the Tatras home with you

Visit our SPA shop and take a bit of mountain energy home with you. The new Tatry Wellness Elixir cosmetic line, wellness candles, dried fruit or honey can be original presents for your closest ones.


Tatry Wellness Elixir in our hotels

Spoil yourself with unique massages and treatments, use our original natural cosmetics, enjoy the genuine taste of herbs with our special tea mixtures and much more! The new Tatry Wellness Elixir concept is available in all our hotels:

  • unique massages and treatments
  • special natural cosmetics
  • energising crystal water refreshment
  • a collection of delicate wellness teas
  • herbal pillows for better sleep
  • delicious gifts of nature for your health