Sauna rituals at the Tri Studničky hotel

Enjoy flawless relaxation!

Spoil yourself in our cosy boutique wellness centre and enjoy unique sauna rituals. Relax your body and mind to the fullest.


What are sauna rituals?

Sauna rituals are not only about sweating and relaxing in a hot sauna but they offer extra pleasure and skin care depending on the kind of the ritual.


Every Saturday from 1.6. 2019

17:00 / 18:00

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Saunové rituály

Relax with us and enjoy:



Peeling makes the skin smoother by removing dead skin cells. It helps open clogged pores so that vitamins get absorbed by the skin better.

Píling Himalájskou soľou



Sauna masters increase the temperature and humidity inside the sauna by using various aromas and swirl hot air to make the relaxation session more intensive.


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